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Fire Birds

No doubt that some of us grow up with astral expectations placed on our shoulders.
And no doubt these astral expectations are placed with the right intentions, such as: for us to have a good life.

Yet, no doubt one day while running to meet these expectations of us; and growing past the hormonal mess and the glamour of our youth, some of us crash headfirst, at a fatal speed into a concrete wall of the highest quality. A blend of fatigue, reality and karma.

No doubt, we start to realize that the definition of a “Good life” is subjective, as we’re rising from our shallow graves.
And no doubt, life starts when one realizes that they’ve got to redesign an entire journey, after running a few imaginary ones towards mirages.

All from the lack of a proper foundation to build on in the first place.

The longer we return to the comfort of our cycles instead of tearing down the walls and tearing off the masks, the longer it takes to get up and start the new journey, based on convictions. Real convictions, held together with the mortar of painful experiences,
laced with our own dreams instead of someone else’s,
and coated with the hard steel of newly-found strength.

And no doubt this will mean something different to everyone that reads it.
And no doubt it will feel the same underneath all our masks.


Got a few minutes?

Good day and good evening folks, wherever you may be.

The aim today is to plant a seed, that’s been planted in me, by someone who had it planted in….etc, etc.

A basic “pay it forward”! We know very well that we can create some habits that may be difficult at first, but would later on reap massive benefits.

However for this particular one,
There’s no need to consider the payback.

In fact,
Its better to have no reward in mind whatsoever, and to do it for the sake of doing it!
In that way, there’s no effort in trying it out – and much less heaviness in making the first move.

We’re all asking for peace;
Are we willing to give it?

Please give the concept a few minutes of your time with this EXTREMELY refreshing video!


We’ve all tasted the difference between hearing words spoken off the tip of the tongue, and those that escape the stirring of someone’s soul and become lifelong memories. The difference is elusive, its not in the tone, the expression, or even in the moment; in fact there is a secret ingredient can break through and invade the attention of the listener through the loudest commotion.

That is..
A small quiver in the voice; its as if the person speaking is about to fall apart while saying the words that may seem most normal to anyone. And that inner earthquake let’s you know that someone is still alive.

And being affected by it, let’s you know: You’re still alive.

Its having a heart in a world where it has become cool to be cold. So dig deep down your throat and see, how long ago did we confuse sincerity with weakness, just because our attempts to remain human were rejected or mock?

Let’s plan the revival of displaying true strength, through kindness.

Some of us have to be bitten by the consequences of our actions.
Some of us are blessed enough to redesign our lives before its too late.
Some of us have gathered both these states into one attempt at reviving who we used to be before it was mistreated and judged as weak.

This is a poem by Allama Iqbal.

Words spoken from the Heart never fail to have an Effect!
They have no Wings and yet they have Power to fly!
Sacred and Pure their origin, on lofty heights their sights are set.
They rise from the dust and Pierce through the sky!


Makeup your mind.

Being a young man in a cosmopolitan global society, many were the opportunities to quietly observe some issues close to my heart.

Growing up, I got to meet folks of my age, boys and girls that along with myself were constantly bombarded with the glitter of hair products and make up.

Walking around town a few times I began to notice the disturbing after-effects.
A definition of beauty we accepted and didn’t question much, if at all.

The skin on these young ladies, is gray and dead the day they miss out on their make-up.
I’ve known some of them when they were younger, before they’d fallen into those habits, and their faces had a light in them. A real.. glow.

And the hair on these young men, whom I am not innocent of having been involved in the heavy use of hair products with, looks dead, and no longer has that gleam of health and strength in it.

A wise man on a show concerned with the betterment of individuals and society brought up the example of our grandmothers, who had nothing but water to clean their faces, and retained a beauty up until the end of their lives, and to that I attest.

We did have the most beautiful and clean ladies and men, and it would be a powerful statement to attempt to heal and restore our God-given natural beauty once again.

Smile =)

Children See, Children Do.

I don’t have much to say..

Just watch it.


Think about this – The last time you’ve hurt someone, is the same exact way you had been hurt by someone else YEARS earlier.

Forgiveness is usually asked for and given at the time where one loses everything that they thought was real in their lives.

“Forgiveness – is like unlocking the door to give someone freedom and discovering that you were really the prisoner.” Unknown.

God Bless,

Message me if we have anything to clean up between us.


There’s something about plants.
Planting one has got to be one of the most relaxing and fulfilling experiences ever.

Who knows where a small decision like this can lead?

For one, here’s a hadeeth from our beloved prophet Muhammad.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said “If a Muslim plants a tree, or sows a field and men and beasts and birds eat from it, all of it is charity from him”. [Narrated by Muslim]

We could all use some oxygen and a pretty sight.

You can grab some seeds and get started. You don’t have to look further than google and the fruit and vegetable drawer in your fridge! =)


Good day to you all. =)

What can you do for your mother today?

It could be a bit difficult sometimes to start being good to parents, but let’s try.
Imagine the day you have your child. And the day your child treats you the way you treat your parents now.

If it makes you smile, keep at it.
If it doesn’t try your best to make ANY changes that you can.
Anything. No matter how small.

Much love.

Friday Night

To whomever it may concern,

If the sink is full, wash the dishes.
If there’s only one dish in it, wash it.
If there’s nothing in it…

Well.. What do we do now?

Make some food, share it with someone.

Then wash the dishes =].



There’s a guy that walks around my neighborhood, running normal errands.
When no one’s looking, he picks up random pieces of trash from the hedges, flowers and pavements.
Sometimes he hides ’em in his grasp, and other times in his pockets. He tries to make sure no one’s watching when he tosses them into garbage containers, or simply kicks them off to the side, out of travellers’ way.

I bet if he had a partner he wouldn’t be too shy to pick ’em up in front of people just to avoid the spotlight.

I urge you to be that person.
Or to join that person if you see him.

Or her.

Because they’re everywhere.